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Memory Verse Monday | (Psalm 9:10) Trust: Even When It Hurts

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Hiya! This week’s verse is:

Psalm 9:10

Those who know your name trust in you,
for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.

those who trust

“…The Lord has never forsaken those who seek him.” This last line is so true and yet I find myself wondering, too often, if He actually has a plan this time.

Moving to a new city as a newlywed has been extremely hard to process. I left everything I know behind. I jumped blindly into a new world and would figure it out on the way. Now that I have been here for a year, I find myself questioning my choices and asking myself why I so willingly left everything I love. Well, that answer is easy. I was in love and would do anything and everything to be with the love of my life.

I often remind myself to reflect on the countless times God came through for me. There are days that I remember those instances and am overwhelmed with gratefulness for what He has done in my life. Then, there are other days that I am blinded by my own fear and sadness to even realize He still has a plan for me- even if it feels like I’m going through the motions until I reach the next “thing.”

Trust Is A Choice.

But, you see, no matter what I feel, no matter what YOU feel, God is there with you. He sees the silent pains you suffer through. Do not give up on Him, He hasn’t given up on YOU. If we would do anything for the love of our life, even if it meant going through hardships, we would do it! Don’t you think that the one that created us, who loves us even more than we can imagine, would do the same?

. It may not be our plan- or our ideal plan. Yes, it hurts to be in an unsure place in your life. Yes, it hurts to feel like you struggle with things alone. God’s here, He’s got us. Ask Him for peace and guidance in your next steps. Or just ask Him for a friend- He has brought me some incredible people right when I need them the most.

I am writing this down and creating a pretty graphic to save to my phone background this week. This is a hard lesson to learn, especially when I want to kick and scream and complain about everything I want to be changed in my life.

This week, be encouraged knowing that even though you may not know what is next, God does. He will continue to guide us through the thick of it, even when we think we won’t make it.


Until next time,

Emily Heart

2 thoughts on “Memory Verse Monday | (Psalm 9:10) Trust: Even When It Hurts

  1. Beautiful. Amazing what we do for love and how God lines it all up for us. Praying that your new area becomes what you know and love in no time. Xo

  2. I have to be honest and say that at times my flesh has a love/hate relationship with Trust. However, I know that with God’s help, trust is a beautiful thing. When we go through hardships and trials, they force us to trust God and he becomes truly nearer and dearer to us. If we aren’t able to do things alone (in our own strength), we are forced to trust and that is beautiful indeed. Blessings to you as you adjust to new surroundings!

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