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Memory Verse Monday | (Psalm 18:2) The Lord Is My Rock

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Happy Monday, friends!

This past weekend, I read through my previous Monday Verses and I noticed some recurring themes: Trust, Peace, Rest. Anyone else feel like God is teaching us some lessons in this area? Sheesh! Sometimes I don’t even realize I struggle in these areas and then BAM! I’m hit with the realization and start sobbing 3 paragraphs into a post.

Well, no surprise here, but today’s verse is:

Psalm 18:2

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.”

ps.18:2 The Lord Is My Rock

The Lord Is My Rock.

[Cue the flashback music: E, age 5, after Sunday School]

Mom: E, why do you have all those rocks in your pocket?

E: Teacher said Jesus is our rock, I gotta find Jesus!

Okay, adorable, but not quite, baby E. God is our rock, our solid foundation. The storms of life will come for us but God is our firm foundation. We will not be shaken. God is our safe place- we run to Him when we are in danger.

How Can I Apply This To My Marriage?

Before marriage, I didn’t understand the difficulties of living life with another person. Now that I’ve been married for a little over a year, I GET IT! In the past year I’ve come to understand why a spouse would cheat or why a marriage would end in divorce. Marriage is difficult, but so rewarding! As a single person, I had a strong foundation in God and trusted him more readily than I do now.

I have to re-learn trusting God now that I have another person I trust to help make decisions. When you have a spouse that talks to you and gives you instant feedback,it seems logical to go to them first. But, God is our firm foundation. He will be there when everything else crumbles around us.

If you want some easy tips on how to study the Bible with your spouse, check out my post HERE.

How can you turn to God more this week? How are you going to rely on Him?

This week, I’m giving to God:

  • My anxiety with moving/planning.
  • Questions about what I want to do next.
  • My homesickness.

This week, I am going to go to God when I start worrying about these things. He is my firm foundation!

Hope you all have a great week! Give your hubs a smooch!

Emily Heart

4 thoughts on “Memory Verse Monday | (Psalm 18:2) The Lord Is My Rock

  1. I too have been married a little over a year and it has definitely been a challenge. I love this verse and how you are learning how to apply old-favorites to your new season of life – I think its time for me to review some of my memorized verses and see how my understanding of them has changed now that I am a wife. Thank you for your insight!!

  2. I love how you connected that verse with your marriage! The blinders definitely come off after marriage, but God is our place of safety and refuge and He gives us wisdom to be glorifying to Him. Thanks for sharing this verse! One of my favorites!

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