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Date Night! | Fall Date Ideas and Pumpkin Spice Lattes

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OMG Guys! It’s September 1st!


I know, I know… It’s not quite fall, but I can’t hold my excitement any longer. I AM SO EXCITED FOR COOLER WEATHER AND THINGS THAT SMELL GOOD.

Okay, I live in Texas, so my “fall” is a balmy 70 degrees… C’MON PEOPLE!

I loved making our previous list of date ideas, so I decided to do it again for my favorite season!

Here you go! Totally cool, super awesome, date night ideas that don’t involve peeing yourself in a haunted house!


20 Fall Date Night Ideas

  1. Visit an apple orchard. Okay, well… unless you are in the South and don’t have them. Can someone pass the cider and donuts!?
  2. Make cider. It’s actually super easy to make in a crockpot!
  3. Carve pumpkins. Don’t stab your hand. Make it more fun by having a carving contest!
  4. Go to a fall festival. Just walk around and smell the cool air for me… please?
  5. Eat candy corn. Bonus points if you don’t get cavities.
  6. Go to a bonfire. Make smores. Sing bad songs. Tell ghost stories (or if you’re like me… murder stories, ha).
  7. Learn how to make a new dish for Thanksgiving. My go-to dish is Cheesy Potatoes. My second dish is whatever is on sale at H-E-B.
  8. Go to a football game. High School games are fun! Bring a blanket, bundle up and watch the game!
  9. Go on a ghost tour. Last year, Hubs and I did a Segway ghost tour of downtown Austin. It was a blast. It was two hours. I fell off the self-balancing Segway.
  10. Bake a pie. I made Hubs a pie while we were dating. He said it was delicious. I wouldn’t know- I hate pie.
  11. Visit a pumpkin patch. Pick out a pumpkin and take it home to carve! Boom. 2 dates in one.
  12. Get lost in a corn maze. Hopefully also get found in a corn maze. Bonus points if you make out somewhere.
  13. Try a pumpkin flavored “something” at some coffee shops. Go to a coffee shop. Buy all of their pumpkin flavored offerings. Try not to puke.
  14. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Sausage? Beer? Lederhosen? OH MY!
  15. Make caramel apples. Or if you want to be a prankster, caramel covered onions…
  16. Pass out candy for Halloween. Notice I said C-A-N-D-Y, not toothbrushes or tracts. Money is good, too…
  17. Host a Halloween party. I want to do this SO bad. I’m thinking an 80’s theme cuz I just want to dress up like Pat Benatar
  18. Drink a PSL (pumpkin spice latte). Frappucino is the way to go.
  19. Have a Halloween oreo eating contest. The winner is whoever doesn’t puke.
  20. Go on a haunted hayride. Hayrides are better cuz you don’t have to walk or run from the chainsaws.

Hopefully, you’re as excited about fall as I am! Save this list to your Pinterest Board to keep yourself busy this season!

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Have a great weekend and give your hubs a smooch!

Emily Heart

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