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Memory Verse Monday | (1 Peter 4:8) Love Each Other Deeply

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Happy Labor Day, friends!

We’ve got fun plans this afternoon- boating with friends! Before you head off to cookouts and pool parties, I want to leave you with our verse for the week 🙂

This week’s verse is:

1 Peter 4:8

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

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So this past weekend, we moved apartments! Yay! I don’t enjoy moving (does anybody??) but am excited to have a new place to call home.

This week’s verse wasn’t on my lists of verses for #MVM, but I was a butt head this weekend and this verse stopped me in my tracks.

I LOVE Hubs, duh. But I didn’t show him much love this weekend and I feel bad! I was short and grumpy and I snapped back at him for trying to help me solve a problem (cuz hanging curtains is always a life-altering project…).

Show Love In Different Ways.

“…love each other deeply…”

There are a lot of ways to show Hubs love. Don’t follow my lead and get upset because my 5’8″ Hubs can’t hang a curtain on a 9′ ceiling…

Take a walk and ask Hubs what you can do to help him out this week. Make sure you have an answer to the question as well, lady! You can make his lunch for work or help him with laundry. Or maybe plan a special date night for the weekend… All of these are just suggestions- the options are endless 🙂

We’re girls, we’re human, we all have our moments. But sometimes I fear that I’m so stuck in my grumpy ways that I snap at Hubs more often than I notice. Have you ever felt that way? Good. I’m glad I’m not alone. I’m learning how to take a moment and ask myself, “is it Hubs or is it me?” When I’m frustrated with how my expectations don’t play out.

So, what’s the lesson from this verse? “Love each other deeply…” I love that.

Ask For Forgiveness.

“…because love covers over a multitude of sins”

I messed up this weekend and quickly realized I was being a grump. I asked Hubs to forgive me and asked that he help me out with our decor. (two hands are better than one!)

Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for this week? Take a moment some time today and think through the past week. And hey, if you can’t think of anything, ask! Sometimes we say things that sting and we don’t even realize the other person was affected by our words :). So, today, talk to Hubs about how you can show him love and ask if there were any moments in the past week that hurt him.

Today, I’m going to:
1) Talk to hubs about ways I can better show him Love.
2) Ask for forgiveness for my attitude.
3) Ask God to continue to help me speak kindly.

Girls, I hope you have a great rest of your Labor Day!
Give your Hubs a smooch!


Emily Heart