Who Is Emily?

I’m a Midwest girl sweating in the south with my Hot Hubs and cat, Felicia.

I am a musician (I play 10 instruments!), singer, and have an odd fascination with true crime. My dad’s dream for me is to become an actress, chauffeur (why?) and stand up comedian and yet here I am- a blogger and a nanny.

So here’s the thing, I LOVE sex. I also love God (more than sex, people!) and I desire to glorify Him in every area of my life. This blog is an extension of that. As soon as I was married, I felt God tug on my heart and call me to reach out to women. At the time, I wasn’t sure what that entailed but it has brought me here.

I write about being a woman. I write about sex, marriage and awkward topics you’re afraid to talk to your mom about! Girl, I’m gonna be blunt and sarcastic at times, so beware. But I always find a way to laugh through the tough stuff so I hope you do too!

Check out this post about why I want to write about sex and relationships!

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Emily Heart